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COBISS 2014 Conference


3 Sep 2014

First installation of COBISS3/Cataloguing software in COBISS.SR in the libraries Univerzitetska biblioteka 'S. Marković', Beograd ('Svetozar Marković' University Library, Belgrade) and Filozofski fakultet, Novi Sad (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad)

25 Aug 2014

First installation of COBISS3/Loan software in COBISS.SR in the following libraries: Biblioteka 'Radoje Domanović', Surdulica ('Radoje Domanović' Public Library, Surdulica), Gradska biblioteka Vršac (The Municipal Library, Vršac), Biblioteka 'Vuk Karadžić', Kovin ('Vuk Karadžić' Public Library, Kovin), and Narodna biblioteka 'Dr Milovan Spasić', Rekovac ('Dr Milovan Spasić' Public Library, Rekovac

21 Jun 2014

21 000 000th record created in COBISS.Net local databases

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